Student 参与ment and 领导

Student 参与ment and 领导

There is more to LIFE- Go beyond the classroom. This is your HG生活, experience all of it!

Recognizing that well-balanced students are infinitely more prepared for 生活 after college, HG生活 offers opportunities for student involvement, for students to express themselves, contribute to their talents and develop new friendships and relationships both on campus and in the community.

HG生活 offers various clubs and organizations which 你可以 join. From nutrition clubs and organizations to sports clubs, and from 学生会 to chiropractic technique clubs, there is something for everyone.



Login with your LIFE username and password.


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参与 is your way to connect to organizations, communicate with other members, 探索你的社区.

Find Organizations and 事件: Join the organizations you are already a member of or find out what else is going on in your area.

保持联系: Use discussion boards, news posts, and group messaging to communicate within your organizations.

跟踪参与情况: Record your activities and memberships to showcase your involvement while at LIFE.



The LIFE community uses a custom login system to give you access, so you don’t have to create an account, 你可以 use your LIFE username and password to sign in at 参与.生活.edu.


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